How do I record 8 tracks simultaneously on my 2488


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Feb 14, 2013
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Fo the life of me I can't figure out how to record 8 tracks of live drums at once with my tascam 2488. Any help would be great, Thanks Jim
What exactly are you having problems with?

- Assign input A to track 1. Hit the record button for track 1.
- Assign input B to track 2. Hit the record button for track 2.
- Assign input H to track 8. Hit the record button for track 8.

Thanks I figured it out after I posted the question, I guess I was just getting ahead of myself !!!
Hmm. When I follow this procedure, the assign and track lights do not stay lit as I go across, and they will only light in pairs. Will the tracks still record if the lights, except for the arming lights are off?
The assign & track lights do not stay lit. It's only the last one you pushed. They show up in pairs because you have "linked" the tracks, you unlink them by pushing the two lit buttons until only one is lit.

Thanks, Zeekle. I finally realized that through trial and error.

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