How do you route the DM 4800 mix back into Logic?


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Mar 29, 2013
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If anyone knows of a link or video tutorial on how to do this, I would appreciate it. I presently have setup logic to send the virtual instruments to different tracks on the DM 4800. Now that I have the mix the way I like it, I would like to send the mix back into logic so I can print/bounce it down to mp3. I heard there's some sort of plugin you use in logic, but, I'm not sure how to accomplish this.
hi, maybe this will help you
DAW Control
Mackie Control emulation for Logic 7.x ... c_v110.pdf
anyway im a cubase user but the approach should be the same,
open an audio track and assign slot 31-32 (output from the board) to the audio track input in logic and press record.
There should be plenty of threads about this, il search and post some links if i found them...
- general - DM Routing 'Zen'
- logic - Bouncing, mixing itb.
- cubase- Using Cubase mixing OTB in DM-4800
giving more info about your setup is making easier to for others to help you
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There are severall ways to approach this. There are people who route channels from layer 1 to channel 1-16 (DM3200) or 1-24 (DM4800) and return on layer 2. This gives a sort of in line setup.

Then there are people who route busses out and return on layer 2. Or people who send layer one out and return on the busses.

Because I can send a channel 1 to channel 1 in logic, return that channel on a bus in logic and return on a channel in the Tascam. Or return on a bus... So it's a bus in a bus sending out again to record on a stereo track in logic.

You do the math...

And I didn't even mention the aux sends and returns... Did anyone say digital I/O?
My head is spinning...LOL. Though I did a little reading. I hardly know to use busses. Is there a "DM for dummies" video on how to compete this task?
Think of it as this. We have an orchestra. And there are 20 microphones. They are then bussed to 8 busses. And those busses are then send out to a tape recorder.

Then there was the realisation you needed to have an image of the whole recorded sound. After that lots of options were added.

A Tascam digital mixer was made with the realisation a computer created latency. Wich meant you could not use it in a reall time fashion. So the Tascam can do everything that old analog console can do.

Currently computers are way faster and have more RAM than ever before. And reall time monitoring has become a posibillity. A DAW works ass well with only an audio interface. So it has busses VST (virtual studio) effects and aux sends and returns. This in combination with a Tascam can create wild possibilities. So at that point you should look at the tascam as a patchbay.

I do hope you grasp this concept. As this is the start to look at the whole thing. Now towards using each item and knowing in what menu is what.
Yes, I do. Let's say I want to just send the whole mix out on a Stereo Buss/ 2 ch Buss? Do I simply add an input buss (if you can do that) in Logic and set it to the corresponding numbered buss on the DM?
Do a search here for 'DM Routing Zen.' It's my humble contribution to one of the most puzzling DM topics. And it relates to your question.

You want to send your stereo mix back to logic? It's not that hard. First, locate faders 31/32. They are at the far right of your 2nd Layer. (EDIT!! Sorry! That would pertain to a DM3200. Your 4800 would likely feature faders 31/32 somewhere in the left part of Layer #2. ;) ) Next, make them a Stereo Pair. Then.

1. Hit ROUTING/OUTPUT SLOT (I repeat: OUTPUT SLOT - 3rd tab on the bottom of the screen.

2. SELect faders #31/32 on the left side of the screen.

3. On the right side of the screen you'll see a list of sources. Yeah - there are a lot. Using your POD knob, locate STEREO (under the Input Bypass section.)

4. Going back to the left side of the screen (inputs 31/32), Select those channels, and using the Big Black Knob On The Center Of The Console (also used for shuttling and other tasks), turn it until you see:

5. On Input 31 - STEREO - L
6. On Input 32 - STEREO - R (be sure to hit ENTER after making selections!!!)

7. Make sure to MUTE CHANNELS 31/32, or you'll get some nasty sound happenin!! While you're at it, ensure these channels are Assigned to the Direct Out of your desk. Easy - just hit that Dir Button until the light is red.)

Finally, in Logic:

1. Create a NEW Stereo Track (label it - maybe - 'Stereo Mix!')

2. ASSign the inputs to this New Stereo Track as Inputs 31/32 (the ones you've chosen to come out of your DM).

Hit Record. Print mix.

I would like to thank you guys for this information. I'm going to jump on this, right after lunch. Now that I understand sends a little better, what is the advantage of sending 8 instead of summing on the board and just sending a pair?
Help! LOL

I'm a little confused. When I hit "Output Slot" I only see busses (no faders).
The Output Slot, in this case, pertains to the Firewire Interface. What you're seeing is what the default menu looks like. You must make your changes on this page.

Your goal (the 'WHAT?') is to route your DM stereo mix back to Logic. So - highlight channels 31/32 - where those 'busses appear. Then the 'WHERE?' is chosen on the right side of the screen - picking 'Stereo' under Input Bypass.
Next, on those selected channels, use the shuttle wheel to scroll through choices till you see ST/L on channel 31, and ST/R on channel 32.

Hope that helps.

I'm just getting back to trying this again. But, I thought about another question. Is there an advantage to sending more than just a stereo buss back to the DAW and then summing in the DAW?
I don't see what that advantage can be. You're dealing with digital audio; there's no conversion between the DAW and DM in either direction. You get the benefit of the DM's sound shaping features, and its stereo summing has to be at least as good as the DAW's.

If you're going to assign more than the stereo summed mix from the DM back to Logic, then you might as well stay in Logic for the entire ride and mix ITB.

By the way, did that routing work? Have you tried it yet?

I'm looking at the output slot screen now.

IN Source Select I have "stereo" selected.
In Terminal Select I have TRK 25-32 selected.
In output select I changed "Buss 7" to Stereo L and Buss 8 to Stereo R

Am I on the right track?
ON this page, I don't see any way to "highlight" channels 31/32

I may have some possible configuration issues to resolve. In Logic, I only have inputs 1-16, even though the card is set for 32 channels. I have 64 Buss inputs(maybe they are eating up inputs?)

On my output page.

Below output select

1-6 Busses
7-stereo L
8-stereo R

Terminal Select
Arrow is on 25-32

Source select is set to "Stereo"


Card-3 (FW) Slot 1-32) are set to Channels 1-32 respectively
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If you look again at Dan's directions, look at step 2. I think that should read "Select 'SLOT 1 Trk 25-32' in the middle of the page labeled "Terminal select" using POD 3. (these are the output channels on the firewire, --of which you should have either 16 channels or 32 channels selected on your ALT/Digital page-- not the actual fader channels on the board) a bit confusing here.

Also, on step 3, use POD 4 to select "Stereo" under 'Source Select'. Not "Input Bypass."

On Step 4, I think that should read..."On the LEFT side of the page now, use your arrow keys to move the highlighted area under "SLOT 1 Trk 25-32" until you get to the number 7. I know this is confusing as well, but follow me here...the numbers 1 through 8 actually correlate to the eight channels selected by you earlier under "terminal Select" Since you have chosen SLOT 1 25-32, then the number 1 on the left correlates to SLOT 1 (firewire) output 25 (seen in your DAW as "In 25").
The number 2 is SLOT1 output 26 etc.
SOOOoooo, the 7 would be SLOT1 output 31 and 8 would be SLOT1 output 32. These are the "31 and 32" Dan is referring too. Correct me if I'm wrong here Dan. I'm pretty sure this is what you meant.

Now, as long as you still have "STEREO" selected on the right side of the screen, you can turn you Jog/Data shuttle to the right to select STEREO-L, for 7 and STEREO-R for 8. Make sure you hit "ENTER" next to the jog wheel when you make your selection each time or it will not stick.

Now, in your DAW, As Dan stated, make a stereo track, using inputs 31 and 32 from your firewire, arm and record your mixdown.
OK, Now it's making a little more sense. I did the setup hoping what you were explaining about the #7= 31/#8=32 correlation. So Output select #7 is Stereo L and Output Select #8 is Stereo R.

It sounds like I'm almost there. On the Logic side the hurdle I have to get past is wondering why Logic is only showing me 16 channels and not 32 channels. I did dig into my "Audio Midi" setup page and noticed there are two Streams (1-16 & 17-32). I'm not sure, but this may be where the issue is. I can only select 1-16 for some reason even though I have 32 channels selected in the digital section.

Is there something I missed in the Hardware side or software side? Even still, I'm excited I'm close to getting this thing to work :).
Ok, I'm making progress. I changed the output slot settings from 31/32 to 15/16 (temporally). I then selected an input track in logic and set the input to 15/16/ I"m getting meters, they equal the same intensity coming out of the mixer. The only issue is that's like 3 LEDs instead of a much higher number of LEDs lit. This is how it looks with the fader at Zero (Near Max). The output fader is at 8. Maybe there's some internal adjustment I need to make to increase the output?
Good News! I was able to make a recording of my DM 4800 mix! It sounds fine, but I was a little concerned about volume and metering.

This is the situation. The volume sounds clean and loud...maybe too loud! I'm using the main (xlr) outputs to feed my monitor speakers. Other than the Master stereo output I don't see any way of adjusting the output volume to the speakers. It seems like the meters are only a little over 1/3rd of the way up in Logic and it mirrors the output metering on the DM 4800. If I turn it up more, it would be VERY Loud! I have JBL 6300 series speakers/sub.


Is there some other volume setting option on the board that would either increase the feed volume to the DAW or would reduce the output power to the speakers?

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