How to fix the dr-40x interference issue?


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Nov 28, 2021
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There is not doubt the Tascam field recorder suffer from interference issue. No need to debate that part.
What is more interesting is information on how to limit the problem.
Did any of you do some modifications on your own?

Its the shielding. 05x, 07x and certainly the 40x suffer from lack of shielding.
I hope this can help others save some time.
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you are so wrong mate, I get NO interference with my DR40, I've used it in recording studios, rehearsal studios, radio studios. No interference, how can you say there is no debate? What extensive research did you do or read?

For a start,in what environment do you experience interference and what have you done to troubleshoot it?

seriously your post is so vague and without any details, just that there is "no debate", and not just your unit but all Tascam field recorders. Laughable
Hi @auprivave and welcome to the forum!
I don't know about any of these recorders and whether they have interference issues or not, but I do know that two identical units can have two very different results.
So who's to say whose DR-xx is the exception, yours and the Russian guy's or @BazzBass's? Open to debate, in my book. Thanks for trying to help!
Hi Arjan. Thanks for the welcome.
The dr-40x is not in the big league, but a good recorder for the price.
I will apply Sasha's hack soon, and if it works, we can establish that there is a design flaw.
Maybe replacing the wires could be an option as well.
Will report back if the operation is successful.
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My understanding is the older models dont suffer interference DR-05, DR-40. The latest updated X models DR-05X, DR-07X, DR-40X etc have the interference issue which you find videos of all over youtube. What has Tascams response been to this? If you have this interference problem the recorder is basically useless.
There is no response. As you can see.
Its a very obvious design flaw. But being a cheap product, they simply dont care.
I had mine fixed by a tunnel guy, and now im quite happy with the DR-40x.
The fix is a must, because in the field i, like many others, dont have time for headset, soudcheck and redos.
Shame on Tascam for being too lazy to provide some super cheap shielding.
@auprivave did you try the mod and did it work? I’m not sure if your comment meant you took it to someone to professional to mod it or if you tried the foil.

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