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Aug 6, 2013
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Hey There,

Long story short - I'm a technophobe who has a TASCAM DP01-FX as a gift and would really like to use it.
I can record and play back but now I would like to transfer it to a computer so that I can burn to CD and/or send as MP3.
I downloaded Audacity software on to my computer and I can send stuff to Audacity but when I play it back thru Audacity 2 things have happened.
1) - once it played back really fast, sounded like the chipmunks...
2) - several things have downloaded different tracks track 1 will play thru, then track 2, etc.

Should I
a) - keep working with Audacity even though it does not seem to be working (for me)?
b) - is there another software program that is idiot-proof, to where anyone can use it?


Porland, OR
hummm. audacity worked fine for me with my dpo1fx. probably a setting problem. just letting you know it can be done. Unfortunately audacity is about as simple as it gets if you want to edit your tracks.
I concur with Joel, As a Radio station Chief Engineer I had to deal with a lot of high priced Pro Tools and Adobe Audition and they may have more trinkets than Audacity but I don't think it is better or easier- if anything is is more complex to master. I also had on air songs or commercials play like chipmunks a few times. This was researched and it was found that the wrong sample rate was selected or changed on the commercial that then caused that. Some people in radio are dangerous around Technology and the foreign language stations are worse. I think all your problems are due to settings which can be resolved by learning from people that have been working the program longer- or forums.

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