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Dec 7, 2013
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Strange thing. I set recording mode to disk mirroring and then created two projects. The first one was showing on both CF cards (when I selected the card and then displayed project list), but the second project only showed on CF1 (the CF card selected when I created the two projects). Mirroring was still showing as being on. What am I doing wrong? I definitely want to have all my projects mirrored.
Re: CF Mirroring

I guess I answered my own question through trial and error. When keeping multiple projects on your redundant cards, you must create the new projects twice (once on each card). Then and only then will the recorder record to both CF's in the correct place. If you do not create your new projects on both cards then the recorder will write to whatever project was last written to on the other card. It will just appear as another take in the wrong project. I don't know if this is a bug. It would seem to me the recorder should create all your projects on both cards when mirroring - not just the first project.

Also, when I had mirroring on and deleted a folder, it still showed up on the other card. So I switch to the other card and delete it there, and it shows up on the first card <scratches head>. So I do a quick format on both cards (I just got the unit and am testing it out) and the folder still shows on CF2 after the quick formats (the full format takes hours for a 64gb card).

I don't know of the mirroring code is buggy or this is user error since there isn't much about mirroring covered in the user guide addendums.

And check this: when I have loaded a project and in the home page I click the INFO tab, the Project name is displayed as


Could there be a bug in the renaming code? Or user error?

I am now completely confused.

I am using folders instead of subfolders so I can keep all scene/take files recorded on a given day in a folder for that day. Again, I wish this new feature was better explained in the documentation.
TASCAM are working on a fix for Mirrored projects not going to the right folder on the slave CF - looks like you find a good workaround for that.

TASCAM doesn't monitor these forums closely, for bug reports you should fill out the operational support form on the tascam website:


They will be able to double check whether what you are seeing is a malfunction, a settings problem or a real bug, and forward the info onto Engineering as necessary.

If you are located in the USA, you can also call TASCAM support directly (8-5pm Pacific, Mon-Fri)

My workaround isn't working. I'm still finding differences between the cards. I delete stuff on the selected card and then when I attempt to reset the take number to T001 and it refuses, I check the other card, and sure enough there are takes there that didn't delete with the selected card.

Thanks for the info.

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