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Dec 11, 2013
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I have a TASCAM HS-P82 with a Denecke SB-3 T/C generator attached. I also have and SB-3 attached to my Panasonic HPX-250 camera. What T/C settings should I use on the TASCAM to keep it in-sync with the camera, even when I power down or change the battery on the TASCAM. Should the TASCAM be in Jam Sync, Free Once, Free Run, or REGEN, etc.? Under the Sync T/C, Clock, Master menu what should be the setting INT, WORD or VIDEO?
If you're doing Audio+Video, you might find the forums at JW Sound or creativecow.net more appropriate


The SB-3 is going to be the master, so you want to set the HS-P82 to Regen if you know the TimeCode cable will not be removed, or Jam Sync if you will be moving the SB-3 between the HS-P82 and Panasonic.
If the SB-3 stays with the HS-P82, then it can be the word clock master as well, but that doesn't really get you anything, so I'd leave the HS-P82 on INT work clock, and not use the WORD OUT on the SB-3.

Thanks Tom. Yes, the SB-3 is staying with the HS-P82 so Regen it is. And I am doing Audio+Video.


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