IF AN/DM analog expansion card - problem?


Oct 21, 2012
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DM 4800
Hi folks. I'm trying to get my expansion card (Slot 3) to work with my DM4800 using an XLRf to DB25 cable, but I'm experiencing some trouble. My goals are to track using external preamps instead of the Tascam preamps for physical channels 1-8, use the Tascam preamps for all the other channels, and send all tracks via the FW card (Slot 1) to Logic Pro 9.

The signals coming from the analog card are selected as follows in the Routing Input Tab:
Physical Channel 1 = Slot3-1...
Physical Channel 8 = Slot 3-8

As soon as I select these inputs, the meters on my MU1000 for channels 1-8 go nuts, as if there was an electrical disturbance on those channels. There is no signal passing through those channels to the computer or monitors. If I select a blank input, the meter for that channel goes quiet again. I have even disconnected the cable to the analog card, but as long as the Slot 3 1-8 channels are selected as inputs, the meters light up, flicker, and otherwise indicate a problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Maybe there's an accidental loop in your routing chain. Inputs routed to Outputs? Could be the problem is in one or more of the Output SLOTS - maybe something connected from Slot1 to Slot 3?

Look in your Slot1 Output routing (Tab #3). Do the same with Slot #3. Could be you'll see the 'demon' there.

If that fails, then maybe something's amiss with the XLR to DB25 'bender.'

Thanks Captain - I unplugged the DB25 but the VU meters kept lighting for channels 1-8. While this doesn't prove the cable is good, I suspect that I've either got a loop or my card is bad?!

I am trying to use the analog card for my outboard pre's, bypassing the mixer's pre's, and recording via the FW card in Slot 1. Can someone tell me specifically what that should look like on the Input and Output Slot tabs?

Thanks in advance for tolerating my noob dilemma!!

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