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Sep 25, 2013
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I'm looking for an IF-FW/DM card for my DM24. Anyone got any sources?
I found mine on eBay. Paid a little bit more than I wanted to, but it was worth it.
I have an IF-FW/DM card that has been sitting in an unused DM3200 for 7 yrs. I was forced to load Windows 8.1 on a new box and found the card was no longer compatible. I need to buy the MKII version and want to unload the original one. Hit me back if you are still in need.
Hi Kingster, if it is the original card, I would be interested. I have one supposedly on its way from Tascam LA, and I would thankfully obtain a second card from you if you want to do the sale.
I just placed it on ebay if you are interested, and can work thru paypal. It should be listed under "IF-FW/DM card". As mentioned, it was installed only once, worked flawlessly, and I am only replacing it due to Windows 8.1 lack of driver support. It has had light use (about a year) and has been safely slotted in my DM3200 since then.
Sorry Kingster, I am looking for the original IF-FW/DM card, not the MKII version. Looks to me like you have the MKII, right?
I re-read your original note, but can't find the unit you are describing on eBay, only MKII versions. Can you post a link if it is to the original card? Thanks!
Great, thanks, I've got it on my watch list. Would you ship to Canada? Do you have a flat asking price?
I would be more than willing to ship to Canada. I don't have an asking price other than what I listed it as. I think it's worth the asking price and I need to cover my cost of getting the MKII which is still killing me. You can monitor the action on ebay and see what happens. Who knows - you may be the only person interested

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