IF-FW/DM firewire compatability with new computer. help

Jul 7, 2014
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Hi folks

Ive had my dm3200 for about 7 years now and I use the
firewire card to connect/record with my pc

my pc crashed a few weeks ago and I had a new one built.
I can now no longer get my new computer to see the tascam as an audio in/out.

I have reloaded the drivers and in the devices menu, i can see the tascam listed (but i believe its seeing the usb control connection) and under the sound menu, it doesnt show up as an option.
also in cubase i cannot see the board as an option any longer.

Is this a possible compatibility issue with my comp's new firewire card?
If so, what should/can i do?
I cant afford to purchase the mk2 firewire card at this time and dont really want to.
my new computer runs windows 7. could this be the issue? the compatibility chart for the if-fw card doesnt mention anything other than xp and vista......
Try using the LEGACY Windows 7 firewire driver
Go to the firewire card in the device manager, "update driver", "browse computer", "let me choose from list" and choose the one that says (legacy).
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thanks yes i installed the drivers from the tascam site.
i also found the firewire card in device manager and chose the manual selection. However, there is no option for a legacy driver. There is an IF-FW/DM firewire device option, but when i select it, it tells me that there is no digital signature and i cant use it.
am i looking in the correct place? and if so, is there something i can do to get around this?
What firewire card did you find in device manager? Your motherboard or the Tascam. I am speaking of your motherboard firewire card which absolutely has the option to switch between Windows 7 default and legacy drivers. I'm not sure if this is your issue but you should be using the legacy drivers anyway. I think you're looking a the wrong device and/or didn't follow my instructions properly.
ok thanks for your patience with me.
i do believe im following your directions correctly but ill try to lay it out specifically so you can tell me if im wrong.

in device manager,
im looking at the ieee 1394 bus host controllers. i believe this is the mother board. i have that set to 1394 OHCI compliant host controller (legacy)

theres another tab called 61883 device class. under that is a driver labeled 61883 class bus device. i can choose
if-fw/dm firewire device
but it says that the driver is not digitally signed and it wont work.

there is another section labeled sound,video and game controllers where i can see options for the audio card like
nvidia high def audio
realtek audio
usb audio
etc but there is no option for the tascam or firewire card there.

am i on the right track here or am i completely looking in the wrong place?
Which FW/DM card do you have? There were two.

There was this one

I currently use the this one the MKII
Ok - because in your first post - the link you shared was for the IF-FW/MKII - not the original IF-FW. They are two completely different cards.
Dominic...Just to make it clear,
There are two FW drivers that need to be installed/dealt with. You have already installed one of them, the Tascam driver for the IF-DM/FW card from the Tascam website. This will tell windows how to play nice with the Tascam FW card. But there is another system based FW driver (1394 adaptor) that cmaffia is referring too. The current system based FW driver that comes with windows 7 works just fine for most things that are plugged into your FW port without having to do anything extra. But we have found that CHANGING that system based FW driver to the "LEGACY" version, seems to help our DM FW cards work much better then the system driver that came with your windows installation. To make the change, and hopefully help your situation, do this:

1) Go to your Device manager
2) Expand the list of network adaptors and find the 1394 FW adaptor
3) Right click on it and select Properties.
4) Go to the Driver tab and click on "update driver"
5) Now click on "Browse my computer for driver software"
6) Choose "Let me pick from a list...."
7) Make sure "Show All Compatible hardware" is checked and click on the driver that has the word "Legacy" in it's name.
8) Click Next to install
9) Once installed, close all windows and restart.

Hopefully, your computer will now see and work with your FW card. If it still does not, don't change out the Legacy driver. You'll still want it in there while we figure out how to fix the issue.

Does anyone else have an original FW card (NON-MKII) working with windows 7?
ok im up to speed now. i have tried this and my computer can now see the if-fwdm firewire device both under the 61883 device class section and under the sound video and game controllers sections of the device manager.

however, both have the yellow exclamation icon next to them and it is still giving me the "windows cant verify the digital signature for the drivers" error and doesnt show up in the sound section as an option to choose.
it did work for about 5 minutes after the reboot, i had sound and had it working in cubase, and then i saw the device manager auto-refresh and it went back to giving me the error. cubase still shows it as an option but gives an error when i select it.

i have also changed a boot setting to uncheck the "require digital signature" setting so that i could force it to download the driver even if it didnt have this signature. it allowed me to download the driver but again i get the same signature error.

is this a windows 7 compatibility issue?

ps also verified cabling, and firewire card is same working one that came from my original computer.
It very well might be a compatibility issue with windows 7 and the original card. I have the MKII and it works great on windows 7. I am really not sure what the limitations are with the original version FW card. I know it was discontinued before windows 7 even came out.
OK I did some detective work and I found this in the DM24 section of the forum. In short, HIT F8 on boot up and choose last option each time and it loads the driver according to the post below. I put a link to the original thread below at the bottom of this response and it looks like they even confirmed they got the old drivers working in Windows 8.1! It sounds like you will have to do the F8 procedure every time in order for the drivers to load. Maybe the additional instructions I provided at the bottom of response will work to make the drivers load permanently but I would try the F8 technique first before anything else. LET US KNOW IF IT WORKS!
Hi together!

After some struggle installing my IF FW-DM in my Dm 24 on a brand new Notebook with w 7 Pro 64 bit, i try to contributea little to that issue. First of all I spent a lot of hours too, using the wrong firewire-cable. The reduction from 6 pins to 4 with removeable plugs did not work. All efforts to change the IEE 1394 divice drive to "alt" or "legacy" did not solve the problem. with a new cable the device manager showed the IF FW-DM i an new category of hardware but told me, that the driver could not be installed due to the missing digital signation. The solution was to keep F8 pressed while starting windows. The following screen enabels to choose "omit obligatory driver signation" or something like that (my version is in German) it's the last line to choose. Then I continued booting as usual. succes. Any time, I want to use the IF FW-DM i boot with depressed F8 and I had no problems ever since.

Hope, you will be successfull too


Here's the original thread.


Here are instructions I found in the old Tascamforums.co site to get unsigned drivers to load permanently using freeware:


I found a neat program that will allow the unsigned drivers to work. Basically its a method that allows testers to test drivers without going thru the dramas of getting a signature from M$. The program is found here:


The load instructions are simple. As usual TURN OFF UAC (User Access Control).
Here's the instructions along with a video on how to do that in Windows 7:


1. Run dseo13b.exe program
2. click "enable test mode". This allows 64 bit Windows 7 to be used for testing drivers
3. I rebooted to be safe, and you will see a faint test mode print in the corner
4. Now open Device Manager and find the location of the unsigned drivers that wont work, by expanding Properties and Driver Details. Your looking for something like C:\Windows\System32\drivers\xxxxxxx.sys
4. Run dseo13b.exe program again
5. This time select "sign a system file" and put in the location of the file you found in Device Manager
6. Repeat for all files in question then close. You have now assigned a signature to those files
7. Reboot
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I put the IF-FW/DM x64 version of the 1.10 driver on the parc_beta site.
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Awesome! Thanks Redbus! Your problem is solved Dominic! Grab the drivers here!

Beta drivers are available here down towards the bottom under
IF-FW/DM (old, unsupported x64 driver)


Username : iffwdm
Password : firefly
Unfrekin' believable Charlie. Awesome job! Thanks for adding your help. I hope this works for him.
you guys are the greatest. seriously!
the combination of the x64 driver and running the dseo software is currently working. i have sound for the first time :)
just in case anyone else has this same issue, i had to "sign a system file" to ALL of the following before things started working.

C:\Program Files (x86)\TASCAM\IFFWDM




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