If I'd known you were coming, I'd have baked a tape

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    The grandaddy "I'd Have Baked a Tape" article from 24 years ago is another great internet stop for those wanting more tape-bake info. The Nesco is shown there as well.

    Most of my 300 reels of multitrack & mixed tapes were transferred to 24bit 48khz wav back at the dawn of the century and then later...all of them again..to 24bit 96k. A lot of them also then capstanned (whoever thought that would become a verb) before sending off for daw remixes.

    Quarter-inch/half inch stuff from 1962-70 seemed to stay pretty well together.

    I have around 80 reels of half-inch 250 from 1972-78 that looks like white dust in their reel boxes...hope I never have to bake & transfer those again.

    1" and 2" 456 and 499 reels pretty much had to be immediately baked. It was at a point in time where I knew to not even bother checking.

    There are quite a few sealed reels of 456 over in the tape room. Not even gonna try those :)
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