IF-SM/DM Surround Routing issues


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Jan 22, 2014
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Hi everyone, another question for those who may be familiar..

Within the "Routing" options in the "Digital" menu for "Slot 3" (surround module expansion) you have the choice to assign 'Monitor' Presets from 1-6 .

In Surround Mode (5.1) I can choose the source of these "Monitor" presets to be 'Slot 1...' (i.e my F/W card)

In Stereo Mode It will not list 'Slot 1...' as an option for source monitoring... yet in 'Surround Mode' yes..

Its quite the baffling thing, it will only let me choose the following as a potential Monitor Source:

Aux (pairs)
Buss (pairs)
2T Return
Digital in

Any help would be gratefully received.

Kind Regards,

Same here Chris - it does open a lot more routing options when you add the Surround card - makes you a bit more elite ;-).
Hi Chris,
I have no experience with the surround capabilities of the board, but, at first glance, and from what you have written, I think you would assign your FW returns to 7 DM input channels, then each input Channel to a corresponding Surround Buss output, and then assign those individual buss outputs to the surround card's monitor outputs. By doing this, you will have volume, EQ, dynamics, effects, etc., available to go out each channel of the surround card's outputs. (I think)
IE, Say you are doing a 6.1 mix. I would assume that the board would have to be setup for 6.1 (on keypad...SURROUND/Mode tab, arrow select 6.1, Enter twice) with all your parameters setup in surround mode.
To assign your inputs 1-7 to Busses for surround mode, select Ch1, now look at the dark gray area with the output assign buttons near the top left of the board. You will see 1L 2R 3C 4LFE 5LS/S 6RS and 7CS. Select CH1 and then hit 1L, then select CH2 and hit 2R, etc. for all seven channels. Now you have all seven channels assigned to the correct busses for the surround card to use. Go back to the surround card's monitor screen and assign the outputs using the 7 busses. See if that works.

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