Importing X48 files in other systems

Discussion in 'TASCAM X-48 and X-48MKII' started by Rainer Lolk, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Rainer Lolk

    Rainer Lolk New Member

    Jan 2017

    I'm moving away from the X48. My unit got old and unreliable.
    Is there a way to open X48 ndr projects on other units, in case a customer wants to revisit an old backuped session?

    If not, my options are:
    - keeping the X48 alive so I can consildate old projects, but I don't know, if it's worth the trouble
    - selling the X48 to somebody who wants the spare parts or repair the unit and paying an X48 owner to consilidate my old projects, whenever I need them
    - consilidate all old projects in foresight

  2. Neal

    Neal New Member

    Apr 2016
    Tascam MX-2424, X-48
    The audio is saved in standard wav file, so keeping the audio would be as simple as just removing the x48 harddrive and connecting that drive to another computer. I don't know about importing the actual ndr project file to get all the cuts, edits, mixing, etc, but I'm guessing there is conversion possible to other DAW apps.

    Your x48 may need new motherboard and/or power supply. Those are the most common reason these get flaky with age. Both can definitely be replaced with new product and make the x48 like new again (assuming the other cards like the SaneWave PCI card are fine). I only have experience with one unit, but it came to me DOA - would not turn on at all. Motherboard caps were toast. I've now replaced the motherboard, PSU, and harddrive and it seems to be in like new shape. Even running mkII code now.

    You will need to do cutting on the case, so it is a project. But if you're comfortable with taking the unit fully apart and doing some case modification, it's well worth it if you want to keep using the x48.