Inserting an outboard compressor or EQ on a recorded track


Oct 4, 2012
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2 SX-1 LE+ DVRA1000 CD-01U
can someone walk me through the steps of inserting an outboard compressor or eq on a recorded track? I can't seem to find the "how" on the old forum...I've got my outboard effects connected digitally and they work fine...I can add compression, eq, etc. during recording, but want to add processors to individual tracks after recording (and not during mix down) there a routing scheme I'm missing?

oh...and I'm using the correct Insert cable (not a "Y" cable) with TRS to dual TS (Tip/Ring)...
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If your tracks are allready recorded, you can't do it by Insert maybe.

Try Assignable Send and return instead if there are any.

I thought Inserts acted as both Sends and Returns...can't you insert a compressor or EQ on other most mixers using the Inserts once the track is recorded? I'm not sure I understand the purpose of the Inserts on the SX-1 except to use when recording to bypass the pres...
Yes Inserts are acting as send and returns, but you need a signal to send first, and that signal is comming either from Input or the Mic Input.
Try to find the schematics, there you will see it. (You can check the schematics from any of the DM- series too to understand how they are working.

I figured out a way to do it!!! I can now actually add a compressor, eq or any processor to a recorded track and record the processed signal on any open track...
it took me awhile to figure out a routing scheme for it, but it absolutely works!!!
and the Insert comes into play too...
and I can do it all through my patchbays...
now all my effects and processors are working as they should...
I knew these machines had it in them!!!
I guess it pays to "over-think" everything :geek:
after reading over the posts on the old forum, I came to the conclusion that the question by me and other SX users was misunderstood...I know you can NOT add a processor or an effect to an already recorded track (like you can in a software program), I wanted to know (and now DO know) if you can re-record the track to an open track and add processors/effects on the new track...
I feel kind of dumb because I don't think I posed the question correctly...I just figured that everyone already knew what I was asking...anyway, I made it work and I guess that's all that matters...

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