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Sep 25, 2012
Fremantle, Western Australia
Gear owned
M3700 MX2424 MSR16S
I am located in Fremantle Western Australia and run a pro studio setup now as a part timer. I have been a full and part time musician and sound engineer since the mid 1970's.

I have and have had quite a bit of Tascam & Teac gear over the years, at the moment my studio runs using a M3700 console, 2 x MX 2424 hard disc recorders (with 24 channel analog cards and Adat cards) and a MSR16S 1/2" 16 track analog recorder. I also still own a M2524 console (used for live location tracking),a TEAC 3340S 4 track with dolby unit AN300 (my first studio setup) and a Tascam M1024 live console. I used to also own a TSR8 1/2" 8 track recorder and a M216 console .

So if I can help with any of this gear please post in the applicable forum.

Another knowledgable member enters the room...
Well, talk about "hello again"! :)
This is Claus a.k.a. "Cosmic Closet" from the old forums.
I was a member of the various Tascam forums, with Bruce's offering lots of advice and conversation; I remember it fondly.

I recall many great conversations on the forums and lots of good advice, and I had my first opportunity to do an on-line collaboration on Bruce's site, so it is really nice to see this rising from the ashes again.

Let's see how many of the old gang will find this place...meanwhile I am in the process of re-installing my little set-up in the closet that I use for my nickname, having moved back to the very apartment where I started home recording in 2001 so really coming full circle here.... :rolleyes:

Greetings to everyone,
Howdy everyone,

Another old timer here from Bruce's old forum. My handle was/is Pianodano. Glad that there is a new site up. It is sad though that all those old Tascam forum posts have gone bye bye. Must have been thousands of hours of priceless technical info lost. Anyhow, good luck with the new forum.


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