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Oct 4, 2012
Gear owned
2 SX-1 LE+ DVRA1000 CD-01U
how many SX users are left? there's no one posting on this site or the old forum anymore...has everyone moved on to something new???
Unless that's a rhetorical question, many people are probably on the DP-24/32 now. Which reminds me, I need to merge the 2488 and DP-24/32 forums.
the DP24 is the successor to the 2488, the machine I had before the SX-1...the SX-1 makes the 2488 and the DP24/32 seem like consumer-level offense to anyone intended...learning the 2488neo was a piece of cake, the SX-1 is a professional unit that takes quite a while to master...I don't really believe anyone who owns or owned an SX-1 would step down to the DP...the capabilities of the SX far surpass any other stand-alone unit and you would be going back to making demo quality recordings with the DP24/32...
maybe a step up to an SSL AWS 924 or 948 or another similar workstation would be the logical progression for SX owners moving on...
Well, TASCAM's official replacement for SX-1LE Plus was 2488neo, and the path from that, as you said, leads to DP-24. Not disputing what you're saying, but that's where TASCAM has been steering this.
I still use my SX-1 regularly!

Virtually all my tracking and mixing is done on it. I occasionally use Cubase on a laptop if I need to do any mixing while on the road. Stereo mix edits or processing like pitch correction I do with outside software like Sound Forge and Melodyne.

The addition of analog I/O cards has enabled me to continue using my outboard processors and add better quality mic pres. I'm also seeing improved sound quality with the addition of a Black Lion Audio external word clock.

For on-location recording, you can't beat the SX-1 for reliability.

I don't normally visit the forums because after 9 years of use, I have no questions that need answering. I know that's kind of selfish as there are still people out there who need answers.

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