issue between DM 4800 and Pro Tools


Dec 13, 2012
Long Island, NY
Gear owned
Dm 4800 imac Pro Tools 10
I have a new tascam DM 4800 with FW card connected to Pro Tools 10 on a Mac. Its configured as follows:

  • layer 1 ch 1-24 are M/L ins. each channel is routed to buss 1-24
    Layer 2 ch 25 and 26 are the stereo outs from PT
    Layer 3 is mostly unused
    buss layer 1-24 are routed to the first 24 FW card channels
    aux 1-6 goes to a headphone mixer, aux 7/8 are unused, aux 9/10 and 11/12 are for the board effects 1 and 2.

Everything was fine until today when I was getting feedback playing back an 8 track file of drums. the TM companion meter window showed the feedback on buss 1 when set to post fader but i tried muting inputs, lowering faders, everything i could think of but was still getting the feedback. So i rebooted (for the first time) both the Mac and the board. Now the feedback is gone but I can't get sound from the board into protools. its strange because i can still control pro tools with the board using the remote layer. But when I arm a track in PT I can't see any sound on the channel and interetingly I can't even press play in PT directly.

Clearly I'm a newbie here and although I've been putting in several hours every day both on learning PT and the board I'm out of ideas for this problem. any thoughts? I can send screen shots if it will help. Thanks.
Please look at the aux sends on all channels... Usually it's something like that. Or there is a loop in the routing to pc and back...
You were right although I can't say for sure which aux send it was. Turns out all the feedback was on one channel, in my case the kick drum track. I didn't discover it until I muted all the tracks and then unmuted one by one. Once I narrowed it down to that track it was easy to remove all aux sends and eliminate the feedback.

Funny thing was that even after I turned off the aux sends and eliminated the feedback from the meter window, I was still hearing it on playback. I pulled out most of my hair until I realized that I had recorded the feedback so was hearing it on the recorded track and not on the channel! dumb noob.

Thanks for the help.

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