Ketron SD2 sound module to Tascam DP03 mixer/recorder-Roland RD700SX:Advice please.


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Aug 7, 2013
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DP-03 digital recorder
I own a Roland Rd700Sx stage piano thats connected up to the DP03 digital recorder/mixer by guitar leads.
I also have an XLR mic connected up to the DP03 as well.Then there's the Dual RCA lead from DP03 to the amp.This is great for playing and recording.

I just bought a Ketron SD2 sound module.It is set up differently to other modules.It uses 1 MIDI cable from SD2 MIDI In to Piano Out1.(I thought it was supposed to have 2 MIDi cable between piano and module).
Then it needs an dual RCA cable(red and black plugs on both ends) to go from L R on SD2 to the amp.I wasnt familiar with that idea.But,when I record as usual I can barely hear the sound of the module but I can hear the mic as usual.How do I hook up the Sd2 and DP03 so I can record on the DP03?
Is anyone familiar with how to connect them?


Update:Feb 5.Problem since been solved.
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