Lion 10.8.5 and Logic control surface


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Oct 11, 2012
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Tascam DM3200 FW CARD MK2
Hi guys... i ve problem wth my dm3200 in remote control in Logic Pro.
DM in remote mode faders not connected with faders on Logic, if i move up and down faders on dm , anything on mixer of Logic, but if with mouse i move faders on logic mixer, faders on dm move......where is the problem?? ive try to reconfigure it , but problem its still.... :( using ableton live, my dm in remote mode work great...

opss ive forget to say...i ve this problem after update lion
anyone can help me ::( ??? have a nice dayy... :)
Do you have your ports set in Logic to "DM-3200Remote Port1" in the Mackie Control setup? This might have been reset when you upgraded.
Hi gualterino, yes,configuration its mackie control remote port 1 ,mackie extender remot port 2, maybe cable connection problem??? but with same configuration on ableton live work fine ..

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