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Nov 30, 2013
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Hi, my band is rehearsing tomorrow with live acoustic drums for a change and I would like to record (using 2488 mkii) at the session the drums and ideally the bass for a number of our own original songs. Back in my home studio I can then add/overdub the other parts as required.
My question is....if I want to record the drums with say 4 mics (overhead, snare, toms & kick) that leaves 4 live tracks free for bass, guitar, vocals which I'll use for recording the guide track (with click).
I would then propose to let the drummer re-record over his original session as required using the instrumentation recorded as a guide. Is this the best way to do this?
Any suggestions would be welcome as I'm struggling to reconcile using the virtual track option with real time recording and a live band situation.
Many thanks
Tom,London UK.
I would try for a good Musical performance & re-dub Vocals in the Studio. Drums are the foundation. Get Drums, Bass & Rhythm live. Overdub Vocals & Lead Guitar.

4 Mic's for Drums, 1 for Bass, 1 for Guitar, 1 for Vocal & 1 for Rhythm. Use the 2488's Click.

I agree with Lucky. Lay down a recorded click track then get a good single performance (maybe guitar and guide vocal). Then let the live drums and bass add their parts. Take it home and have fun. I do this often.
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