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Oct 4, 2012
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So I spent an entire day (that I probably should have spent on client work), reading about the Presonus Studiolive 16.4.2 and 24.4.2 boards.

I am considering adding one of these to my collection to be used for live mobile recording. I like how they can just connect via firewire to my macbook to be used for live recording and are a heck of a passive board for live mixing as well.

They are no slouches for studio recording as well. Though seem to lack some features of the Sx's, mainly in the DSP's and routing and of course the automated faders.
In studio I'd go with two 16.4.2's as they can be linked for 32 ch recording.

But Like I said I'd rather buy the one and use it for mobile, then maybe use it with my two Sx's when in studio as an extra option.

Any thoughts on these?
Here is one of many links to videos etc.
As cool as parts of the Studiolive may be, I just can't see buying a digital desk without moving faders. That's like buying a Corvette without tires to me. Just my two cents.
Your right. I have reconsidered it as well. There are other options that can fill the live sound/recording needs I have better. If I use a desk at all I would want moving faders too.
Though the price does climb a little more, there are two fine options with Roland and Behringer's latest mid sized offerings. (heck If I could devise the right case system you know the Sx would still be the bomb)
It is also possible now days to run entire shows wirelessly with a laptop, but I need to research that more.
I just purchased Logic for my mac, and am intrigued to see what it can do and how well it will work in tandem with my Sx's.
Greg W said:
Roland and Behringer's latest mid sized offerings
How about Phonic Summit? Looks like being at the same price range as Presonus, but with moving faders.
I didn't even know of that board, but on a quick scan it looks pretty decent for sure.

I have an chance to buy a Yamaha LS9-16 with case nearby for $900. What do you think, should I jump on it?
An LS9 with case for nine bills would be a good snag in my opinion. I don't recall if the LS9 will function as a DAW controller though. In my opinion, there simply isn't justification for any manufacturer to release a desk with moving faders in this day and age that does not include a control option. Regardless though, the board would prove to be very handy for live work.
Muziekschuur said:

Yeah that is a nice little board. I wonder why it was discontinued so quickly?
I don't see very many out there. But the price is right.

I also am looking at a different direction. Embracing the analog Midas F-32

What I like is that with fire wire, it can send and receive all 32 channels to any daw.
It doesn't have motorized faders :)-(. But Midas make some of the worlds best preamps and the entire channel strip would be great. And then I also can record the 32 channels into an daw and mix in the box. I am looking for a Live/recording board after all. Quality in at least.?
Nice. But remember... They are Behringer now. I would not be surprised if in two years there will be NO SUPPORT at all anymore on anything Midas.
This has been a informative thread. Thanks everyone, I'll have to ponder.

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