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  1. shredd

    shredd New Member

    Apr 2020
    2488neo & DP-32
    Hi all...I'm sort of rejoining the forum-world, after being out of it for a while. Between multiple moves, a little career upheaval, and the pandemic completely disheveling my world, there's been a lot on my plate.
    BUT - I've recently expanded my Tascam stable with a new-used DP32 (the original, w/MIDI n all) and am quickly learning my way around it and putting it to good use.

    I'd add a photo of the studio, but I just found out that my photobucket account is no longer accessible without a paid subscription - which I refuse to do, for the dozen or two photos I keep there. I'll work out something else.

    Meanwhile, you can hear a selection of my originals, a couple covers, and even some of the previous "collaborations" I've done - sometimes as simple as someone sending me a single guitar riff and saying "can ya do something with this?". It's at https://www.soundclick.com/artist/default.cfm?bandID=832489&content=songs

    And THAT was back in the "old days" when we'd send each other MP2's of something, plop it on the Portastudio, and work around it.
    Nowadays, of course, you can send actual .wav tracks, and such...
    I still don't do "DAW"-world...I'm pretty much a PortaStudio guy. I've messed around in GarageBand a bit...but my work-base is my Tascam.

    So - if there's anywhere to go with this - I'd enjoy it! I'm a "meh" singer - and write perhaps the worst lyrics in history - but play various guitars reasonably well, KB/synths so-so...and I can even use a drum machine.

    Lemme know if you wanna try something, or if you have something I can add to!