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Jeff Brunton

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Mar 3, 2014
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I have been recording band practices through an ambient mic on input one with no problems. The practice before last I noticed when mixing down that the 5th song only recorded on the left channel. All songs before and after were in full stereo with both left and right channels. So last practice I'm getting setup and I notice input one is only giving me the left channel no matter what. So I switch to input two and I only get the right channel. Try input three and I get both channels again yay!

So I am a bit confused as to whether or not my DP-24 is broken or if a configuration of sorts has gone awry even thought I haven't changed anything.
Hey Jim thanks for the feedback. If your talking about the assign feature I did play with that a little when I first got this unit but when I realized it wasn't what I wanted I undid those changes and was able to record in stereo on input one after that, until recently of course. The thing that really confuses me is that 1 song out of 13 from two practices ago recorded only on the left channel and all the rest were fine.
I would try a factory reset go to menu preference and right at the botom is Initialize
Yeah, I'm sure that if you point that reset howitzer at the problem, the gnat is sure to die.

If two channels are linked as a stereo pair (no, not in the buss assign matrix, just a pair of linked faders), the odd numbered channel is panned hard left and the even number channel is panned hard right. So if you had channels 1&2 linked, channel 1 would be panned hard left, and would record only to the left of your stereo track.

Btw, when I recording with a single mic into two channels, the result isn't really "stereo." It's more like "big mono."
Thanks for the info guys. I will try pointing the reset howitzer at the problem if I can't get it working properly again. What you described above Jim fits my issue exactly so I'm thinking it may be something along those lines. Yes I know it is not true stereo, it was just easier for me to explain it that way. I'm only recording from one mic input but it still goes to both left and right with no distinction between the two. Thanks again.
Ok I chickened out of using the howitzer. I contacted Sweetwater, which is where I bought it from, and the support guy pointed me to it pretty quick. Press mixer button, select channel 1, adjust pan from hard left to center. Select channel 2, adjust pan from hard right to center. Stupid simple I know. Just wanted to update this in case there happens to be someone as clueless as me lol. Thanks for all the help everyone!

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