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Sep 25, 2012
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DM4800 388-8 22-2
Hi all!

I know I've been away, but here I am!

What's the lowest setting for latency were you able to achieve and have be stable?

I'm using Win 7, with 24gb of RAM.

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Welcome back!

Not sure exactly what number you are looking for.
I'm running Mac OS 10.8.3 with Digital Performer on a DM4800.
I can set the buffer in DP to 128 and experience very low latency when recording through plugins.
Recording guitar through amp sims sounds and feels instantaneous.
Very stable and usable.
Yup. I tried a test where I changed the firewire card setting in the driver software to “Normal” (I used to keep it on Safe 1 on the old machine), and set the Buffer Rate to 128 samples. I did the same in Pro Tools 10 and opened up Guitar Rig 5 – and it was awesome. Not even noticeable monitoring the signal going into the software and hearing it at the same time. This is significant for triggering midi kits as you won't get the intricate rolls with the snare drum on anything above 512 samples.

I had a custom machine from 2006 which still works great. Upgraded from XP to Win7. But it could only go to 3GB of ram. The new Rain Computer I have is up to 32GB. It is super fast and PT10 (soon to get 11) loves it.

Thanks for your verification.
Here are my experiences with a 4 year old Win7 PC/2.8ghz Intel6300, 8 Gigs Ram: - PT10:

Must always use Safe Mode 1 - buffer 1024 for everything above 44.1 (which I don't use for my own material but that of folks who I do outside work for.)

96kz - my SOP these days - requires at least 1024, and sometimes 2048 for more
plugin intensive material. Otherwise, I get stutter/glitch/pop-junk. And this is with the latest FW driver.

Perhaps the motherboard/throughput architecture of my PC (a custom, game-enabled box) isn't robust enough for lower buffer settings, but I've learned to live with it. All my analog tracking is done monitoring on the DM, so latency isn't a problem there. Certain percussion samples are more challenging to sequence at times, but that's what editing is for. :)

Bottom line: I'm considering a different type of PC upgrade; perhaps a powerhouse server in the near future.

PS: Nice to hear from you Ernie! :)

Dan G>
Hey Dan.

Like I said - look into Rain Computing. I bought my computer USED on eBay for $1100 and haven't looked back!

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