M-320 mixer, opinions regarding value, specs

Discussion in 'TASCAM Analog Forum' started by mobus1, Jan 24, 2016.

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    Jan 2016
    M230, 3340 HD-P2
    Hello Folks,
    I'm new to this forum.
    I'm about to bring my old gear out of the closet and set up my studio once again.

    I've been away from it for years.
    Assuming the unit is working correctly,
    I'm just wondering how it compares to today mixers sonic-wise, noise, clarity etc.
    I do plan on using it as I'm financially unable to upgrade gear at this time.

    I see a few for sale and they see to sell for an average of $300-$500
    My 320 is pristine cosmetically, I just haven't pulled it out yet to check operation.

    Any thoughts to share regarding this unit.
    I'm prepared that it may come out of storage dead, or needing re-capping.
    Any hints regarding fire-up and testing for specific issues?

    I'm not even sure what I should be asking here, I suppose the initial testing will determine my further questions.
    Just wanted any input you folks may have regarding this unit.