Make an RS-422 Cable - Pinout Diagram

Jayson Wonder

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Jul 30, 2013
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Hello all,

I want to make my own remote control cable RS-422 to allow DM transport to control the MX.

Is there a specific pinout diagram for the RS-422 cable used to remotely control the MX with the DM.

I have tried straight through pin 1-1, 2-2 etc. It does not work. I understand there are different implementation of this protocol such as sony P2.

Does anyone know the pinout wiring to make this cable as straigh through seems not to be working as the DM does not see the MX in the machine control setup page the MX is set to P2 in menu 340.

Perhaps there needs to be some special grounding or shielding.
Re: Make RS-422 Cable Pinout Diagram

I found this site with what seems to be the rigth kind of cable.
Question is what version do I make and how do you sheild the pins described in the notes. I know this is simple electronics to most but im struggling. I did make 3 TDIF cables so I know I can do this with the right understanding.

Any help is appreciated.
Solved, the above diagram is accurate and it is a straight thru cable.
Thanks Jayson,

Sorry I did not get back to you on this, we had a Football Grand Final the other side of the country that I went to followed by a holiday long weekend.

I was going to say I was sure I just went into an electronics store and bought a standard 9 pin cable, but I could not remember if it was for the remote or the TL bus link, I think they both use the same cable? Tascam made out it was something special but that was so we bought it from them.

There was a discussion on removing the earth on the remote cables as back in the early days people had remotes doing strange things, however I think this has gone away with the later operating systems, so I would not worry about it.

Oh it's all good. I'm just glad it worked out. It was fun making the cables.

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