Making the DM-3200 A Clock Slave


Mar 12, 2014
New York City
Gear owned
Tascam DM-3200
Here in the studio briefly with my partner. We have a MOTU 2408 MKII hooked up to the 3 TDIF ports of the DM. We have been unable to get any indication that the DM is receiving from the TDIF connections. However, we are definitely getting audio from the DAW to the MOTU because we see it on the MOTU and hear it through the MOTU's headphone jack.

It seems as if the DAW is the clock master and the MOTU is slaving to it but not the DM. How do you set up the DM as a slave? The manual seems to only speak of slaving a DM to another DM on the "cascade" page. (When we press play on the DM, it plays and when we press stop, it stops, etc. So, the MTC is responding).

We seem to be routing correctly. I tried routing the TDIF1 to Buss 1 input and the Buss 1 output to the stereo buss. No luck. However, when switching back to the Lynx Aurora 8 converter, which is hooked up to the analog ins and send Lynx 1-2 to Buss1, we see and hear signal.

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