Mastertrack too big!


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Nov 17, 2012
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digital portastudio dp-01FX
hi i had been having a good time going over some old recorded tunes i have on my tascam and after mastering a heap of songs and then exporting them to wave and then onto my laptop it has come to a hault

all of a sudden when i try to export the mastered track to wave it say

mastertrack too big

i tried deleting a lot of songs and it still says the same thing so i cant figure out why it wont let me export any mastered tracks
saying the are all too big

please help me out

also is there a way to transfer unmastered tracks to the laptop and then finish masterting them on there with a different program

for example can i copy all the sounds everytrack off the tascam unmastered onto the laptop and play with them on there.
yes you can export each track individually, its in the manual. just make sure you rename the tracks before you do the next song because they will have the same name and overwrite.

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