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Jayson Wonder

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Jul 30, 2013
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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DM-4800, MX-2424, US-1641
Hello All,

Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I am from Nova Scotia and I have been making and recording urban / hiphop / rnb / club music in my various home studio setups over the year.

I have been out of the country for a while and now that I got back my mission is to reconfigure my setup with some gear I picked up. The DM-24 and MX-2424 are the newest members of my family (MX is still being shipped). Although old, still great units in my view although I have not used either for any great length of time. When these units came out I picked up a product sheet which featured both units as a dream team fromTascam and I vowed own them both someday. 12 or so years later... hear I am. Better late than never.

Intergration of this gear to into my exisiting setup will prove to be interesting. I have multiple keyboads, drum machines / sampler / DJ sets that currently run into a DAW (Cubase) via a MOTU 896mk3 & 8Pre. Other then the occasional snap, crackle and pop out of my audio card I have been relatively happy although I wanted this gear so I could avoid the use of a PC/Mac if so desired and for redundancy and the fact that I can use the DM-24 as a controller also.

How to best setup / configure and use the gear I now have with my old to maximize options / advantages is where I will start. I would love to learn how others have utilized these pieces with their DAW. I am also looking for any tips or advice newbie users to these pieces of kit should know.

Hopefully I will one day be able to help and contribute to other users of this gear on the forum. For now it is baby steps. Nice to meet you all.
Thanks for the nice introduction and welcome!

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