Mic Pre blown up?


Feb 18, 2013
Gear owned
tascam dm4800 ..CD-RWHD1000
we were "playing back" tracks and using the Mic Pre( line level of course) to add slight gain ( no more than 12 db ) for a bit of Volume a bump to the snare..
Almost immediately we heard a slight Blip-pop and the Volume of said track was dropped to near 0 db ..
With fader at top of travel( = +6) the volume of the snare is/was ONLY slightly audible..
on said track currently the following is exhibited..'
Using Line In as return from recorder only Slight volume at Channels MAX fader travel.
when using a MIC and setting PRE to MIC..pre fully cranked has 25 DB output and is distorted..all other channels etc. are operational-status Quo
has anybody experienced this symptom with the DM 4800..and if a Blown Pre..any experience in swapping the IC out

thanks in advance

I have this problem on my 4800, first on channels 23 & 24, and recently on channel 21. I thought it was the flat cable or connectors between the cards as sometimes it works well, and sometimes not... The mixer is open, not yet repaired.


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I have the same problem on channels 2 & 15. Is there anyone that had the opportunity to fix the pre's on the Tascam DM-3200 or DM4800?
Thanks for the reply ..after several Test's to confirm the problem was in fact the Pre we discovered that the INSERT jack had a cold solder and was creating the problem .
By removing all 1/4 jacks out of the signal path ( in this case the Insert Jack) and then INSERTING one at a time a Signal( keyboard) into the channel we located the problem and now is fixed..
Thanks for the info and the tip.
I will check that on mine.
Superb !
All my chanel are OK now : I cleaned ALL the insert jacks with a contact cleaner (Kontakt60) from outside. :D
Thanks a lot for sharing this info.

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