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Feb 10, 2015
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Tascam TMD8000
I have a Tascam TM D8000. It only has about 20 hours use on it, but I haven't used it in a long time. I wanted to sell it, but when I turned it on, it gave me a midi file dump warning. I am not sure how to fix it or if it can be fixed. If it can, I would also like to see if anyone knows the best place to sell this board or even how to price it. Any info would be appreciated.
Tascam refuse to answer my request for ROM chips ..
(I have fatal errors on my two TM-D8000's )
I had thought to get a double ROM set burned somehow, but can't get hold of a chip.

I have a double Soundscape 32 system (6 TDIF @ 48 audio trax) and shall probably sell that in its entirety at a huge loss, because I don't feel confident of Tascam support (or complete lack of it) and shall never buy another Tascam desk in my lifetime..

I had thought of replacing my Tascam 8k's with a pair of Yamaha 02r's fitted with Tdif boards, as Yamaha continue their support for the 02r, and I need machines that work every day, all day.

Unfortunately, I think that the only relief you can get (like me) is to scrap the desk and sell parts on e-Bay. A desk with fatal errors is only worth the value of boards and odd parts (If you can sell them at all.) Sorry...

(anyone here who disagrees with this sad state of affars, please inform me otherwise.)


The fix.Open the unit up and disconnect the backup battery.Leave overnight for the unit to get "stupid".Reconnect the battery.Hold down SHIFT,EQ and the button #20 up on the meter bridge.Hold all three down-it helps to have a second person-and power up,then release the buttons.The removal of the battery wipes anything in backed up RAM, the key combo does the re-init.
Ritchie Lee:A "fatal "error happens when the OS is running the program and gets to the point where it cannot complete the next line of code.Personally I don't think it's the PROMS.
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Thanks for your reply..

I think that my main chips are corrupted, & not the eproms, and that the only solution is to get them re-burned/programmed.

But thanks for the tip.. I shall try it..


This is not working for me.......
How do you fix? Get new ROM chips?
I have a boat anchor.....
Midi dump.....
I'm stuck here and the key press sequence suggested is not working.
Any advice?
I've read the previous threads and after changing my battery I'm here.
Initially it was a 99-0000000 fatal error.
Occasionally I'll get a 137-00000 error trying all of the 'reset' button pressing configurations. I'm stuck.

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