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Nov 27, 2014
Hello. I recently bought the DP-32 SD. The photos on the Tascam site show the MIDI ports, but I guess they removed them when they took out the CD player.

I am thinking of returning it to get the DP-32 to have the MIDI ports, but I am reading a lot about MIDI Sync issues. My goal is to record multiple tracks of synced drums, arpeggiators and step sequencers on the DP. Does anyone have any experience doing this with the DP-32/24 and can speak to any syncing / drifting issues? Thanks a lot!
Just a quick head's up. Many places have dropped the price of the DP-32 by $50 - and with the $50 rebate it brings it to $499 - the same as DP-32 SD. No brainer - for the same price you get the CD burner and MIDI ports. Exchange is in process! Guess I will see about the MIDI sync.
So an update: I now have the DP-32 and the MIDI sync, upon initial testing, seems to work just fine. I will be running some more tests with various gear to see what happens but so far I am liking this machine! :)
How do you like the MIDI sync now?

I've seen somewhat conflicting reports on this o_O

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