Mint X48 for sale


Oct 12, 2012
Gear owned
DM4800 X48
I've finally decided to sell my X48. If interested, contact me ASAP as I'll only run this here for a few days before posting it formally on E-Bay. The unit is absolutely mint/perfect condition and used less than 10hrs in my home studio which has been dormant for quite a while. I've updated the X to the latest software configuration and have replaced the power supply w/a TASCAM OEM unit a couple of months ago. Battery has also been replaced. It had a IF-AD24 card installed which I've removed and am selling as a separate item which IS already listed on E-Bay for $360 in case someone may have an interest in that. Pix are available upon request and direct communication. X48 listing price will be $2550 OBO on E-Bay unless sold before. I'm located in Sterling Heights, MI USA

Update: IF-AD24 now selling for $200 and the X48 for $2300.
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