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Sep 22, 2012
Since we never got a hold of the old forum's database, this forum is a fresh reboot, and we need to bring at least some of the old content back!

Thankfully, the Wayback Machine (web.archive.org) has done a marvelous job archiving the Forum, and most of the old topics are preserved wonderfully.

If you have time, please go to the Wayback Machine, enter tascamforums.com, and take a look around. You will see forum archives from different years, all the way up to April 2011. Look at the topics, especially the stickies. If you see a post that's particularly beneficial, simply copy it, and paste in a separate topic here. Please specify the original author and posting date in your new post.

Any help and other contributions are greatly appreciated!

I tried going there, and it does give some captures of the main page, but any link there I try brings me to the current site. This message comes up: "The Wayback Machine hasn't archived a capture for that URL."

There still is a cloud storage place where everyone on the DM forum was invited to place data (pdf etc.) about and relating to DM mixers: https://pogoplug.com/ I do have the login specifics, but not sure if I can post them right here. 400 MB worth of info there!

Unfortunately, the one other link I had has lost all graphic content: http://tascam-dm-desks.blogspot.nl/.
Fantastic effort getting this forum back up and running!

I think I have some old 788 docs etc - will upload if I can find them.

Arjan, the most recent archive (April 2011) may not have all the topics saved. If that happens again, try choosing one of the earlier dates for that particular topic.
Mmh, I did also try September 2010, but never got a working link - I'll give it another try later.
I tried to open a few of the old SX-1 topics and keep getting a page that's titled:
"VaporPark.com is for sale (Vapor Park)
Click here to buy VaporPark.com for $1,795"
Thanks Fiber! I never bookmarked your site, since it was always easy to find the address at The Forum.
Im soooo happy to this rebirth of the forum!!!!!!!
Don't know if any of you have seen this, but the old forum is back under tascamforums.co

The old login names and passwords also work, did someone her get it back? All the old info is back.

unbelievable...YES...everything is back on the old forum...does that mean that this forum will no longer be used??? didn't someone have to pay to get this forum running??? strange...
Someone must have gotten a hold of the old database and uploaded it there... without telling us. Most people from the old forum are coming and posting here now.

If we can get a hold of the same database file, we can copy it over here as well, at least for archival purposes.
That is comforting, because we certainly need all the old archives/information that was on the old forum . . . but we don't need two formats if they are redundant, if it dilutes us . . . there are not enough of us to warrant that IMO.

Also, not everyone knows that Alan in Australia made a valiant effort a while back at creating a Tascam forum as well . . . it didn't really take off, but I say that all efforts in the right direction are laudable and worthy . . . . so hats off to Alan, as well as the (at this moment) mystery suspect who resurrected the old forum . . . if we can get organized and focus all this in one place, I think that would be ideal.
My two cents . . . .

While I did not really try to start a forum I did try for quite a while to contact the old admin and regular users to try to recover information from the old forum. I did not have much success due to most of the email addresses being PM's via the old forum which had shut down. I did have some of the personal emails of some members and we were giving information back and forth which we did manage to post up on various other forums around the place.

Did anyone ever capture or archive all of the old site? The wayback machine only has a few of them, and that .nl site isn't working at all. There was some great information on that old forum.
@thared33 no, we never got that archive. But this incarnation of the forum has been online for almost 8 years now, and we've rewritten a lot of the old information, or at least the parts that the users look for.
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I am brand new here in this Forum. This is my first Post. I know the folks that have done most of the Archiving back when and am a Member of this Organization but a new Member less than a year with them. You can get hold of them through this Link https://wiki.archiveteam.org . I was getting out of the Geekdom to return to making Music so I thought, and bought a Model 12 to use with SparkyLinux Multimedia Edition and wound up here looking for any information on what Operating System the Tascam Model 12 is using now days like Be OS or Haiku, Zeta etc...? I know two of the main Developers of Linux Multimedia Operating Systems like AV Linux & SparkyLinux. I think it would be nice to see Tascam be able to Plug and Play in Linux so Chromebooks and Android and all the rest could simply Rock On!, because more and more folks are going to Linux and its variants. If I knew more about what is spinning in my Tascam I could tap into my resources in the Software world to twist up a Solution.
Interesting question about the Model 12 Opsys. Also for DP24 series. Perhaps re post in the Model 12 or DP24 sub forums?

How would one interact with it? Via so hack of the USB?

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