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Jul 5, 2024
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I am very new to sound engineering. My son’s rawk band has, at its’ disposal, the following:

Tascam model 12
8 mics -(thinking guitarx2, bass, vocalx2, kick, tom, overhead).
3 powered no name 6” speaker cabinets (thinking monitors)
1 source audio subwoofer, no internal crossover
A pair of EV ZLX 12” powered speakers
Three Marshall DSL 40s (stereo lead guitar, single amp for rhythm guitar)
A harbinger lp9800 kit - a powered 8 input mixer that can be swiched into mono amplifier function, with two 10” harbinger passive speakers powered by the amp/mixer. It does have a monitor subout if needed.

I would like to integrate the above using the tascam 12. I expect that the two EV ZLX 12s are probably sufficient, but I do not want to step on the other dad/sound engineer’s toes. We own the ZLX speakers and the tascam, and they own the harbinger stuff. I am thinking we use the harbingers for vocals and the ZLX as PA for everything else. Perhaps the harbingers as monitors.

First, tell me if this is the wrong way to approach it - I have sound engineered…once….and it was just ok.

Second, how do I route this via the 12? Can I set it up so the harbinger is a sort of stage level mixer, with the tascam running the bigger picture?

Thanks in advance, I bet this is a simple puzzle for many of you whereas it is a rubik’s cube for me!
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Your question is really about creating an effective PA/sound reinforcement/monitor system for playing "live" (somewhat outside the scope of this forum). That said, I would route all the mics through one mixer for the house mix; and use the line-out of that mixer to feed the line-in of the other mixer, using the other mixer to control the band's floor monitors.

IMO, the Model 12 is the better candidate for the house mix.

The rest may take a meeting of the minds and some trial & error to get things to the satisfaction of all. ;)
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Thank you! This is what I was thinking - the signal from the sub out on the “FOH” tascam would work as input for the other mixer, running monitors.
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In a roundabout way, you’re killing 2 birds w separate pieces of gear: having a “main” mix, and a monitor mix.
I guess it’s a good example of how there’s multiple solutions to the setup approach, depending on the the needs you have & the gear that’s available. Just gotta think creatively & apply the gear available to solve the needs as best as possible…

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