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Oct 4, 2012
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Ok I've discovered I'm still not making the best use of the Sx-1's I have. One thing I never seem to make use of is the mix busses, or groups and sub groups.

I mean sure I can send an effect to a buss and send channels to it, but never do because I use the channel sends and returns.

But I feel like I am not always seeing the possibilities or options that are available to me. I'll give an example of a problem I encountered last night, that I feel there was a solution too, but I couldn't see it.

Ok so I had a project all mixed and was using 3 of the effects slots with the channel sends/returns. I have my Drawmer Masterflow inserted onto the master channel for mastering. But I also want to put a mastering reverb on it to help tie the whole song together. But I can't figure out how to do it? I still have an effects slot available and though I am using all the returns it seems to me there must be a way to add that last reverb before mixdown?
I'm finally getting back in my studio after the storm destroyed my roof and flooded half my house...I always wanted to know how do you send the tracks to a buss? is there a simple way to do this without re-routing everything?
and after I learn that most-likely, very easy thing, I also would be interested in the answer to Greg's question...
OK...I got it...but here's another dumb question or two:
say I record drums on Tracks 1 through 8 and send them to Buss 1 and 2...does this free up Tracks 1-8? in other words, do the Tracks sent to the Buss stay on the Buss if you delete Tracks 1 through 8 or do they have to remain on the Tracks where they were recorded?
again, it's probably a very simple answer...
the reason that I'm not up to speed on any of this is because I never had a chance to really do any hands-on work with a console until now...so please forgive my apparent ignorance...
the silence around here is deafening...
Assigning to a bus is just routing a signal from somwhere, an existing track,or input, or a bunch of tracks like your drum tracks and using the buss return as a quasi group to combine them.
It doesn't take your tracks and now move them physically to a new place . Sounds to me like you are thinking that you can free up more tracks utilizing your bussing.
Throw some source material into your sx and just route it around using busses and auxes and get familiar with the ins and outs and see if it works for you. Once you get totally familiar with all the analog and digital ins and outs, there are a ton of flexible options for routing in and out of your gear....
Learning a piece of gear is trial and error and a total buzz when you get that Aha ! moment....
Experiment.....it's very satisfying.
I'm sorry that I "jumped in" on this post...I was just hoping for some answers about using busses also...I didn't intend to steer the topic away from Greg's original question...it seems that there's only a few of us SX users left and if we can't find an answer in the manual or the old forum, we have to try and figure out a solution on our own...which may not always be the best solution...
I've been having a lot of "aha" moments recently, because I'm finally getting the hang of the SX...mostly thanks to the forum...
again, sorry about that Greg...

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