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Nov 22, 2012
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I've noticed recently that a few of my faders have become unresponsive. They move during the booting/calibration process but do not respond to any other comands once it has booted. Does anyone have any advice. At this point I'm afraid the only available service center will charge me as much as I paid for the unit just to fix it.

Also this SX-1 LE that I speak of is for sale to any of you tech savey individuals that may be able to fix this on your own. You would have to pick it up yourself but I will let it go for 800.00.
I have the exact same problem with one fader on my DM24. Did you find a solution ?
Actually it works fine now. Me and my wife lugged that beast down to the Teac service center and after about 3 weeks they couldn't find anything wrong. All faders work fine. The only thing I did before the faders started acting up was remove a few of the finger pieces to clean off some of the grit. I'm not sure if that had anything to do with them acting up but its the only thing I did different before the faders stopped responding.

Good Luck.

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