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Jun 28, 2013
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MSR 24
I've just got MSR-24 (need to transfer some older vocal recordings into comp) but it runs slowly. It's not about pitch control or whatsoever, it's some malfunction and I'll have it repaired but I desperately NEED manual/service manual. ASAP :(
I've searched the whole internet but no results. I've contacted Tascam support
I would keep trying Tascam support, I am sure you will get a manual out of them. The manual is very detailed with schematics and parts diagrams, because of the fold out pages it is very hard to scan which is why there are not many (if any) on the net.

If you don't get anywhere, I have a MSR16S manual, the 16 is different (obviously less tracks, different tape width and the 24 has a separate power supply) but there are also a lot of similarities (same circuit boards etc, Mine is the S version so that noise reduction info will also be different.) so it may hold the answers for you, but as I have said it is hard to scan the whole manual.


Just found a site here that may help, has a MSR16 manual download.
Alan, thank you so much!!
Yes I need need it for circuit boards and stuff and I'm sure that similarities are enough for a mechanic to check. I think that MSR16 manual will do just fine.
Thank you again!
Hey Alan, Thank you very much for your effort. No need for manual anymore.
I solved all the problems and it's working as good as new.
I found an old guy who works on our national radio station, doing maintenance and service for all the equipment they own from SSL's to tascams and fostex, digital or analog..anything and he is really an expert.
Thanks again and best regards!

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