MX 2424 ADAT 24 bit 96 kHz?


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Feb 22, 2014
Queens, NY
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DM3200 FireWire MX2424 x2
Has anyone tried it? Does it work with half track count? Thanks. W
Just noticed this question, yes it does work, it is half track count (12 tracks recording and playback) I have not tried it but there was someone on the old forum that used to record classical music at 96k using a max of 12 mics and they said it works great.

One of the young guys using my studio tried it at 96k into protools and said it works. We can use the 2 x MX's as 24 channel in/out analog to Adat to lightpipe to firewire to computer, which the protools geeks use. He got 12 channels in/out of 96k using the 2 MX machines. I don't bother as I don't want to use protools or let the protools tentacles get hold of me LOL.

To be honest, recording anything other than classical music (Orchestras) I would not bother as the 44.1k or 48k is fine.


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