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Sep 1, 2013
Illinois USA
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A few pictures of two years of hard work after hours and weekends.

and there be light.jpg final product.jpg framing walls.jpg from skid to desk.jpg new floors.jpg new windows.jpg orginal room.jpg renovation.jpg rewiring.jpg soldering fun.jpg
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Very nice open space to house your setup, you must be loving the caustics in there.
The acoustics are everything I planned and hoped for. I just love the natural reverb of wood plus the high ceilings and that I have no parallel surfaces makes this a real easy room to record in. Now working with an acoustic all string band, two guitars a banjo a mandolin and a stand up double bass and I was amazed how well that went. They all played live and there was no reason for me to fear the battle for frequency with all these strings. Actually the separation was amazing.
Wow, dat moet een hele onderneming zijn geweest om dit te bouwen. Het geluid moet fantastisch zijn met al dat hout. Ik kan me voorstellen dat je totaal geen problemen hebt met overlapping van geluid. Ik ben blij voor je dat je zo lekker kunt werken. Het is de pluim op al het werk wat je hebt gedaan. Ik wens je veel succes.
Yep was een flinke klus en ben nog steeds bezig met kleine aanpassingen. Heb jij foto's van jouw werkplek?
That's a superbly executed space! From the looks of the chimney, it looks like the room is an attic? You did a great job with the design and materials choices.


Thanks. Good observation it is indeed an attic and musician hate that they have to carry all their equipment up three flights of stairs. I haven't figured out a name but was thinking of stairway to heaven.

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