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Feb 11, 2014
London, UK
Gear owned
A few moons ago, i used to be a single man living it large (space wise) in a typical 3 up 2 down terraced house in london. As i have no use for what appear to be the living room (friends and family don't visit just musicians) i converted the living room to a studio (pics will follow shortly).

A moon or two later, i met that girl who later became the wife and the first thing that she demanded and had to go was (yes you guessed it) the studio, as the new Mrs wants her living room for (yes you guessed it) friends and family. I was then demoted to the smallest room in the house which was designed as a kids bedroom and can only accommodate a single bed and a PC table and chair.

Well….i had to make do with the space i was given and am sure will be temporary till i build something in the garden. Anyway enough rambling and here is my sanctuary.

Studio Pic 2.jpg Studio Pic 3.jpg Studio Pic Main.jpg
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Ah yes, the days when i had the space to have an Amek analogue board with racks of midi and processor gears.

182045_197439406950589_7190698_n.jpg 183449_197439283617268_6960103_n.jpg 184329_197440223617174_1930976_n.jpg 183871_197439736950556_2329024_n.jpg 182418_197439620283901_2154452_n.jpg
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Great story. Love to hear from all you recording enthusiasts. I am still amazed about how different ways lead to recording. We all search for the same goal but have a different philosophy to get there. The variations are just as interesting as the music we record.
Keep on recording and enjoying like I do.

Yeah, a beautifull story of life. :) Sometimes it doesn't matter. Recording your creative musical moments are more important then the space. You set it up well and you can work. That's important. :)
Hey that's my studio on your monitor in the first post :)
Nice setup! Maybe not the living room, but I'm sure quite workable.

Question: Do you like the DM more than the Amek? Apples and oranges, yes - but worth asking. ;)

Here's a little more of mine.

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Thanks. Yep That's one of 2 Bassman's as I can only fit one at at time in that room.
The one in the video is a '73 Bassman 50 with matching 2x15 cabinet. I keep the other one in the main hallway when not in use and that one is a '67 black face with matching 2x12 cabinet. I use them both for Bass and Guitar throughout my recordings. Also have a Leslie cabinet that I record with from time to time. Too much stuff. I need a bigger boat!! (Jaws reference)
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I'll do a proper tour if interested. I posted that privately originally.
Man that Amekto desk in your old setup was a beast! So cool.

I can empathize about the space downgrade. Luckily my wife is a lover of music and a musician too so I never got any resistance about a studio, etc.(We met when she hired me to be her guitar teacher...hey, she's five years older than me so I wasn't doing something sketchy:oops:.) We devoted a room in our old house to my demo studio and music gear but after we moved to a smaller apartment space became real tight. It forced me to keep things simple and maximize the area I create in. Your set up looks great, very cozy and powerful!
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I am so thankful that my wife let me take over the whole attic when we moved into our "new" old house. She just loves it when the house is filled with music especially a punk band I recorded a while ago.
She loves to cook and we almost always have a meal with the musicians or band.
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Question: Do you like the DM more than the Amek? Apples and oranges, yes - but worth asking. ;)


Thanks Captdan.

I do miss the pre-amps of the Amek but i prefer my DM as it is transparent and I can add "colour" when i want to. I am currently eyeing up a 12 channel Amek Bullet on ebay which should give me the best of both worlds. However, I am yet to pull the trigger on

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