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Oct 2, 2012
Queens, New York
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2 x DM3200, DA-3000
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This was done more for fun and something to give a few of my "clients". A proper ventilation system for my homebrewed vocal booth prevents me from advertising past my current circle of visitors as I don't want to be sued for injuries or death related to heat stroke! Also if I had the talent and know-how to make a respectable website I'd add the URL on the shirt. Baby steps, baby steps...
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Very cool! It's a gas to see your name and logo on... Well, anything.

My clients have responded real well to this low-rise, matte black coffee mug (this is one of mine, so it looks a little used):

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Cool! You must mop A LOT!
No purchase necessary, you need not be present to win, Capt. Let's schedule that Scotch sipping meet up and I'll hand you one.
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Hey! That picture looked right side up on my iPad! What the what...??!?

And it still does! What with the desktop browser flipping it over?
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Same here. iPad fine, browser he no fine.

First order came!
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They can be ordered?! Where, how?!

BTW, you guys' photos take ages to load here, with the full 5 and 8 mpx..
Order through PayPal lol
It must be a distance thing. Everyone's photos load instantly here!
Nice looking shirt!

I can't figure out the mobile vs. desktop browser thing at all.
Nevermind, must have been a glitch - now they're super fast here at home.

And the upside down mug is weird: if I right click and save it, the photo opens the right side up in IrfanView. The EXIF tag however says 'Orientation: bottom right', while with 'normal' photos it is 'top left'. Possibly the forum software looks at that tag to place photos.
Now selling at all participating 7-Eleven's


Obviously I'm joking!
Guys, please don't upload anything in full resolution to the server. I have resized all the pics we have up so far, but there's gotta be a better way to do it than me doing it manually after the fact. See related post here.

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