NAMM 2014


Sep 29, 2012
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Tascam DM24
The rumor has reached me that the Cakewalk team is at NAMM in the Tascam booth. And that they are showcasing Sonar together with a new Tascam audio interface.... SOOOOOO GOOOD NEWS...


I have yet to find out what audio interface they are showcasing...

This should mean by the way that Cakewalk has been bought by the Gibson group? (wich purchased Teac/Tascam too in 2012.) In autumn 2013 the Gibson group announced they were about to purchase Cakewalk.

So this should give us a sneak peak of what lies ahead?
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Well; this was the Tascam booth at NAMM. And I did not see a Cakewalk Sonar version everywhere. I saw a lot audio to video solutions. A stereo high end audio interface... But the big stuff.... The consoles the larger audio interfaces or recorders.... Nothing of this all....

That too speaks volumes....

So something is hangin high... But it aint dry yet.....

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