Sep 29, 2012
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I could write a very lengthy report on my three great days in Anaheim with our good friend Ernie-Jamsire. Let me tellya, folks, Mr Jamsire is rock star - known and loved by many. I got to shake a lot of hands and meet a bunch of very nice folks thanks to him. THANKS ERNIE FOR A GREAT TIME!!

Indeed, there was no DM4800 on display at the 'Gibson/Co_Tascam booth,' but the DM3200 was front and center. Somewhat inelegantly displayed (see photo) next to an X48 and beneath a monitor running Sonar, the 3200 still looked good. But my impression was, Gibson/Tascam wasn't getting the 'luv' or attention the more bling-oriented competition was enjoying- Klark-Teknik/Midas/Behringer, etc. SSL's 'Live' boards (pix below) exemplifies that concept. Compared to these pinball machine mixers, the DM seems mighty tame. But bling draws attention. :rolleyes: (Jamsire suggested to the SSL rep that they should call their product 'All Kinds Of Yummy!' They seemed to enjoy the idea. :p )

For the analog aficionados, Toft has a new series of colorful desks - with stylin' yellow ears resembling the old school Deco-era 'Bakelight' look. No pix, but you shouldn't have trouble finding them on the interwebs.

As to why the DM4800 was discontinued, I can't say for certain. The impression I got talking to a few of the reps is, the 4800 required twice the DSP chips as the 3200. So I'll (ASS)ume it was a bean counter decision, perhaps deriving from the new 'Gibson_Companies' regime. Take from that what you will.

There's lots more. But I don't want to over stay my off-topic welcome. :)

Included below is Jamsire at the Veillette Luthery booth - with a killer 12 string solid body which by now may be in his robust collection. :eek:



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The number of chips is of no concern if the number of sales remain constant. When I first heard rumbles of this a year ago, I figured they were just selling more 3200s than the more resource-intensive 4800 and warehousing was becoming an issue.

Nice report! Wish I could have done it, but it's just as well... I need my show-floor shoes for GDC in March.

BTW: I would have bought an SSL 2 years back... the Matrix was exactly what I wanted. They I discovered the 3200 at 1/10th the price. Ring me up, I'll take it.
From all I saw, the Matrix still remains the next immediately higher step on the cost/quality scale. But it's a very big investment jump for "...15% more quality..." :X3:

If I ever get so damn good at this that the DM3200 is an impediment, I'll look at the Matrix again. At this rate, I'll need to live to 107 for that to happen.
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Matrix2 (or "squared" in math speak) on sale now for $24,500.00. I get the concept of it being a great way to mix all of your outboard gear, but for this price, I would think that it would include the famed SSL Pres/Dynams and EQs. At least that is what I would but it for. It's kinda funny to hear the guys do the product tours on YouTube. " ...and with the Matrix2, you can actually switch your faders from being analog channel volume controllers to real time digital controllers for use in your daw. With the push of this one Button!" As if that was the newest idea ever. It's like they are selling a new fangled horizontal piece of metal, sharpened only on ONE side, that can actually slice bread! Wow! Were do I get one of those? But I jest. All props to SSL and their great product. I still love my 3200.
Thanks for the report, CaptDan! So @jamsire is rocking the West Coast now? :D

P.S. Moving this to the General Chat section, which is our designated place for OT threads.
Thanks, DJ-X. I thought about posting in General Chat, but wasn't sure if that was appropriate. (Flimsy excuse, eh? :) ).

Apparently, Jamsire has been rocking the NAMM coast for some time now - at least gauging by his vast legion of friends and admirers. No wonder - he's a hellava dude and a gtr-player supreme. :)

HEY!!! Hi everybody! i FINALLY got home at 2am Wednesday. Boo. Weather messed up my previous day departure. Dan, it was a pleasure to host your first NAMM. If it weren't for the geetars - two of which I took home for my 50th birthday thank you very much - NAMM would be boring to me at this point. I have ALL the audio gear I have ever wanted or needed. The Tascam AND Teac consumer line looks great.

A great time was had by all.

P.S. - what is the "Bastudio?"
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You mean you haven't heard? It's the latest in technological advances in recording; a multi billion dollar mega audio recording studio that puts Lucas Arts studios to shame. The walls are lined with gold records and Grammys. And it's all located in cmaffia's basement, three blocks from where you work. Welcome back BTW. When I visited, I wanted to see if you were around, but you were at NAMM.
(Basement Studio= BaStudio)
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Congrats, Ernie. Both Velleittes?

Sorry to hear about the weather messing with your travel plans. You know us Californians; if it's not an earthquake we ain't interested. :rolleyes:

Thanks again, Sir-Jamsire; it was the best trip I've had in many moons. :)

No Dan, one Veillette, and one JJ Electric guitar.

BaStudio - cute.
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