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Sep 21, 2013
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My 2488 has been completely reformatted. Is the original software available?
You dont say what version you are using, or if you reformatted your HD within the 2488?? Which is what I am assuming you did, so the software should still be the same as what was on there prior to the reformat.

Even swapping out a HD you still have the software remain on the 2488.

The only update for sotfware from Tascam that I can see is for the Mk I.

Thanks for the reply! I have the first 2488 not the neo. Does the programing reside on the rom rather than on the hard drive? when I boot up I'm unable to record and all the data recorded before is gone. I really want to use this unit as a mixing board at this point but would like to restore the system. If I update the firmware from the Tascam website do you think that will bring it back to the original config?

Again, thank you for your help. I have not used this unit for several years. I have qbase running on a pc with presonus hardware for my studio.. just thought I would resurrect the 2488- use it or sell it....

You should be able to record again. When you reformat you wipe everything (song data) from the HD. The 2488 software is on an EPROM so reformating should not change the software.
I am not sure if trying to update the software will fix your problem. I personally would open the unit up and make sure all the cables are securely in place. I have had issues before due to a loose HD connection. Is there an error message on the screen?

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