need to boost mic signal????


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Oct 31, 2012
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neo 2488
i've had my neo for over a year and done many songs on it. love it. but..... i always used condensors with the phantom power. yesterday i used an sm58 for a vocal and couldn't get enough signal. everything is turned up and set correctly. thought it was a mic, so switched. no luck. tried a 57 and the a beyer m88nc. same thing, not enough signal. does anyone use something to boost the mics before the go into the neo?????
the problem you have could be one of impedance matching. The SM58 has an impedance of 300 ohms whilst the 2488 is 4000 or 8000 dependant on which channel you use.

I use a dbx286A mic pre-amp when needed, but generally use phantom powered mics for easiest interface.

thanks. yea i use phantom cond. mics when ever possible. but i'm getting a few "whole" band situations and don't have enough inputs for that.
Dynamic mics into the 2488 suggestions:

1) Fethead by Triton. Works for Shure sm7b into the 2488 neo real well. Gives it a 20db boost cleanly. Inline.

2) Mic pre-amp into the 2488 neo. Neo's pre amps aren't the quietest -- get something quiet and powerful -- 60db boost -- and run into line inputs of 2488. I use ART, Rane, Behringer (yes! Behringer), Focusrite, all cheap and noisy but less noisy than the 2488. Also a good opportunity to introduce tube noise into the equation. This can be a good thing.

3) Pyle PDC22. For less than $20 it'll remove some ground loop hum as well as match some unmatched situations. Works for two channels. Use it reversed.

This is a great forum! 2488 operators need all the help they can give and get.
thanks so much for the reply. i'll start looking around-dave

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