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Dec 18, 2013
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Hi I bought my SX-1 a few years ago, and don't know where to start! I just plugged it in for the first time with some free time. I don't how to use the machine? Are there any online manuals or tips you guys can offer me to get started? thank you
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There are others here far better qualified than I about the specifics of the SX-1 and its quirks, but anyone here would likely tell you this:

The VS-1680 is a good machine. I owned one before getting an SX-1.
But it is like apples and oranges, going from a semi-pro compact format (with Roland data compression) to a truly pro and full size environment. No comparison really.
The SX-1 with all its limitations is really a world class pro machine, and although a few releases were recorded on a 1680, the above is accurate . . . but here is the bottom line . . .
It is a discontinued and old machine. Parts are getting scarcer, and like they used to say (true or not) about European sports cars and Harleys, don't leave home without your tools . . . if you get my meaning. I suggest you spend some time reading this forum, and especially the older forum, which is now pretty well defunct that this forum replaced . . .

$245 is not chump change, and few can afford to throw that many frogskins away . . . but dude, that is nothing for a working SX-1 . . . . . if you are prepared to accept the risk of repair/maintenance.
Here is where I am tempted to recite a load of truisms, like there is no free lunch, it's a give and take world, etc.
What I mean is that if you are up to keeping it running, it will serve you in ways that the 1680 cannot and will make you feel like you have arrived at your destination (even tho the VS-1680 IMO is a very trick and remarkable machine for what it is, a home semi-pro format).

Go boldly . . . .

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For that amount you can buy an 8 channel usb2 audio interface...

It's hard to tell what you need. The SX-1 is a nice machine...

I own a SX-1 and love the machine, despite its moods.
I've worked with Rolands to and as said above there is no comparison.
But these machine are getting older and if a screwdriver scares you off you'd better look elsewhere.
But if you can buy one for peanuts(IMO), jump on it.
And if it is in fairly good condition and you don't like it, I'll buy it from you for the same price. Deal?

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