New Automation Tool for Behringer X32 and Midas M32 Consoles

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    For the last several months I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Patrick-Gilles Maillot on a new automation system for the X/M32 consoles series, using the OSC protocol and the Reaper DAW. It's called X32ReaperAutoMate. I'm an old-school recording engineer with mixing experience on API, SSL, Trident, Sony/MCI, Soundcraft, Neve, Amek (and a few others I've forgotten) consoles. This new mixing tool adds a fantastic new level of capability to the X/M32 series that was missing. Not only do we now have very precise automation capability, and I mean being able to automate virturally any console parameter, including being able to change FX assigned to the rack in the middle of a song, we can change any dynamic/EQ, or other channel parameters such as panning, all fully automatable, and, (just as importantly) be able to erase those moves selectively and re-record automation moves to perfect the mix.

    I know that many are looking at the X32 as an alternative to the aging Tascam DM series, but the X32 lacks native automation. This tool solves that issue. I've written an extensive introduction to the tool on the front page of the website. An outstanding feature of the tool is that it puts the Reaper transport controls on the console User Assign section. Once connected to the console, I put the keyboard and mouse away, and never look at the computer at all while mixing. Even the Reaper Record function is available to record a mixdown to a stereo track in Reaper. One of the best additional new features is a true Solo-In-Place mode, which the X32 lacks natively. So now it behaves just like a real recording console.

    The unlicensed version is free to evaluate and is fully functional. The licensed version is 99 Euros and will pay for itself on the first mix. IMO the transport control alone is worth that price (given the cost of the console). Of course the transport works with automation OFF and thus can be used for recording tracks too.

    For those of you who are concerned about the age of the X32 and the possibility of discontinuation of that series, I have it on good insider authority that Behringer is currently in the process of Alpha testing a new 4.0 firmware upgrade. This upgrade is significant. So this desk will be around for quite awhile.

    Please check out the website and get your evaluation copy today: X32ReaperAutoMate