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Feb 1, 2014
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Hey all,
I just purchased 2 new IF-AD/DM cards from BH. Their picture showed cards with the sync port, so I thought I would be ok. They only had 1 in stock, and shipped it right away. I'm still waiting on the second. The first arrived, but it didn't have the sync port. I was bummed, but I popped it in, and my SX-1 running 1.52 stopped booting after fader calibration. Tried several times and nothing. Removed the card, and everything is back to normal. Don't try these cards. Unless I am missing something, they do not work! Now I need to find a couple of the older cards.
There's a jumper wire that needs to be added to the board to let them work in the SX-1. I'll try to dig up the info. It's a simple soldering job.
Picture of re-worked IF-AD/DM

The empty chip pad is for a 24 pin device, 12 pins on either side.
pin 1 is top left, going down to pin 12 at bottom left, pin 13 at bottom right and then going up to pin 24 at top right.

Pin 17 needs to be connected to pin 24.



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I experienced the same thing - thought there was something wrong with my SX-1. The directions are easy and, most importantly, they work!
That's great news. Thanks as always Redbus. You are such an asset to this forum, and so extremely helpful to us all who love our SX1. Thank you crosstown as well for chiming in to second the ease of the implementation of the workaround fix. I wish I wouldn't have sent the card back now, but I will get another one and give it a try. I really need to get two of these cards running to get 24 channels up and going. Otherwise my Tascam MX-2424 will be a paperweight.

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