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Gravity Jim

Sep 28, 2012
Finally had time to install the new Tascam-branded LCD in my DM3200. First time I've had the console open, and it was like silk off a spool. New LCD is 5x5.

If I have to replace it once a year this board will still be a bargain.

If anybody would like to buy a used LCD that has developed six to ten lines in the upper 1/4 of the screen (still completely usable), as a back up or to attempt a repair, make me an offer. :)
Gravity Jim said:
Finally had time to install the new Tascam-branded LCD in my DM3200. First time I've had the console open, and it was like silk off a spool. New LCD is 5x5.
So that's an official replacement part (Tascam 'branded')? I'm thinking about getting one to eventually replace my currently not so bad (3 lines) display...
Sorry for the vagueosity, Captain. "5x5" is a military idiom that means "operating perfectly." It's perfectly square. That's not the dimensions of the screen. :)

Arjan - yes, it's the part you can buy from Tascam for 200USD. I did the same thing... Order it when I had three bad lines, kept it on a shelf until it got to something like 10 bad ones, and made plans to swap it out ASAP. I might go ahead and buy another one now and shelve it.... If I need it I'll be ready, if I never do it will sell qucikly to another Tascam owner.
Thanks Jim. Now to find out how to order one here in Holland..
Bummer. I didn't realize til now that the web site parts store only shipped to the US.
Was it difficult to replace?
It would be great if someone could document the replacement with photos.
I'm thinking of just buying one for when the day mine goes on the fritz... hopefully never!!
From taking the first screw out to putting the last one back in was about 30 minutes. Not difficult at all. I didn't even have to move it, or any of the stuff around it (although I suspect that would be different for some of ya'll, depending on your layout).

I should have taken pictures! Duh.

There is a fine photo tutorial on opening the console at, and that was a big help. I did have to figure out the actual part swap, but that wasn't hard. The LCD is held in by four screws that are a bit hard to reach, so you'll want a small magnetized Phillips driver to put them back in.
Guys I've been trying to order a replacement screen from Tascam Canada and they told me it's discontinued no longer available. Then I tried in Holland and they are telling they can't sell to Canada, USA the same thing. Where the heck do I get a screen from. It's just mind boggling that such a great console and so many out there especially with the screen problems. Is there anyone else other that 2seemy with the mod.

You can also send your screen for repair.

I have send 3 screens completely dark and they repaired both.
On the worse 1 line remains black, they don't ask to pay for the repair of this one :)

Here is the address :
Davan Display Solutions
7857 Waverly Rd
Martinsville, IN. 46151 USA
ph: 1-800-764-1329
fax: 1-888-316-7589
Hi guys thanks for both of your replies for Hanex Services do you know how much it costs to have this repaired.

For Daven Display how much are they charging for a new lcd screen?

Thanks again,

I have to say this is an awsome forum!
This is excellent news. I recently replaced my LCD and would love to have the original repaired as a back up (man, am I glad I resisted the urge to throw it away!).

Not only that, but these guys are less than three hours by car from my studio. I've got an e-mail in to them right now. Thanks!


Followed by lousy news. Here's the reply to my e-mail.


We are no longer repairing this type.

Thanks for your inquiry.


So, they won't fix your screen. Crap.
Oh, I am sorry : this is bad news.
Perhaps if we are a lot to ask them, they repaired mines 2-3 years ago...
I have 4 or 5 screens full with lines (10 to full night).
Mine has had lines for over a year now and it just keeps getting worse. I did find a replacement for cheap, but, as it turns out, there is no socket in the back to accept the ribbon cable from the board. The flat ribbon cable on the replacement display just hangs off the back and NOBODY in the WORLD (appearently) makes a female to female ribbon cable connector. I called 5 different manufacturers. It seemd so easy to do. Damn. I was so close.
Anyway, if anyone wants to look around for a sub $200 lcd display, here are the specs:

5.7" (diagonal) (14.478 cm) LCD 320x240 graphic display, Negative FSTN, Transmissive, 6:00 vision angle, 14 pin version. The display should have a female socket soldered on the back to allow attachment of the ribbon cable.

Report back if anyone finds something....
your flat cable is too short to go to the onboard socket ? on mine I plug it in when closing, it is short but it is just long enough.

Hint: when you close your DM the screen gets closer to the main board ;-)

The solution : unsolder the connector on your old screen then solder it on your new one.
Your ribbon cable is now usable.

TascMan, you should read this: DM24 Screen Repair (and the pdf)
Ya, that might sound easy. The socket is precision through-drilled and soldered on the side behind the screen. That's the original screen. The cable on the new screen is flat soldered to the back and the pigtail of ribbon cable is about 6 inches long, and there is no wire trace on the new screen board to accomodate the socket. The cable from the board is about 3 feet long. If I could just find a way to connect those two together, I'd be all set.
Maybe now's the time I should order one just to have as a spare.

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