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Oct 2, 2012
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Cool, I like it! Can't really comment audio-wise since I'm not in the studio. Any more info on how this was produced?
Thanks for listening Arjan. The music was created in Mixcraft 6 and Reason 5. The tracks were then imported into Cubase. All of the vocals were recorded in the studio using a Shure SM7b. I used a few great Waves plugins that made the spoken dialogue sound like they were audio clips from an old 70's cartoon. I then mixed down to the Tascam DA-3000 and then mastered in Wavelab 8.
Interesting track Charlie. Thanks for those details; I was curious how you treated the vox clips. This project is a bit of a stylistic departure from your previous work, yes?

Thanks for the listen CaptDan. The style of the project is a departure from what I usually do but it also something I've done in the past in various incarnations.
Forgot to mention what this project is:

10 songs were commissioned by fans as part of a kickstarter incentive package.
Fans were able to dictate the subject matter of a song (for a fee).
The directive for this one was to write a theme based on a fictitious action comic called "99" and so it was written.
Interesting to know the background, and quite interesting to have a 'commissioned song' to start and work from. The catchy-ness of the tune makes sense!

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